meet becky

My Background
I’m Becky Drinnen owner of Oak River Virtual Solutions LLC.

With over 20 years of high-level administrative experience in small businesses, universities and Fortune 500 companies, I excel at developing and implementing systems that allow the ‘behind the scenes’ work of a small business to happen effortlessly.

I’ve performed diverse roles in customer service, product support, international logistics, export compliance management, and college recruitment. While working full time, I also earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business.

As a result of my background, I’ve developed an expert-level skill set and critical thinking skills that I will use to help you solve your business problems.

About Oak River
The inspiration for my business name is a river that runs through a campground where my husband and I vacation each year. This place on earth represents many things to me; balance, connection, relaxation, and both the calming and energizing force of water.

By doing work I enjoy with people I enjoy, my goal is to recreate this environment both for myself and for my clients. By working with me to complete a hot project, my clients are free to focus on taking their business to the next level.

I am a wife, mother of four adult children and grandma to eight beautiful grandchildren. I spend my spare time with family and friends and I am very focused on living a healthy, active lifestyle.

My favorite spare time activity is enjoying nature, usually by walking, hiking or camping. I love staying up to date with the latest technology. And you’ll often find me on Pinterest. I’m an avid reader of everything from my favorite blogs, business books and biographies to the latest Diana Gabaldon novel.