what i offer

Hand off the projects you don’t have the time, skills or desire to do and get more clients, fill your programs and watch your business flourish!

As your virtual business partner, I am an independent professional who provides a wide range of services from my home office. How and when we work together isn’t going to be anything like the way you work with an employee. You aren’t ‘employing’ me. Rather, I offer strategic support that is designed to meet your needs.

This working relationship offers a number advantages, such as:
* You pay only for time spent on your tasks
* You will not incur costly employee-related taxes or expenses
* You are not responsible for costly benefits, vacation time or sick leave
* I provide my own office, computer, internet access, and supplies

Are you ready to explore the value a Virtual Business Partner can bring to your business?
Here is just a sample of the projects you can hand off to me:
* Internet research; compile information and prepare reports
* Market research
* Proofreading, editing and formatting of documents, worksheets and ebooks
* Create flyers, brochures and newsletters
* Advanced projects in Word, Excel and PowerPoint (Windows or Mac)
* Coordinate meetings and conferences; prepare and distribute materials
* Coordinate multi-faceted projects

Are you in need of services you don’t see listed here?
Just ask. If it is not a service I can provide, I will happily refer you to another Virtual Service Provider who can provide that service.